The Monaco Gaming Show celebrates the success of its 2021 edition with more than 250 000 online visitors during a single weekend!

by | Mar 9, 2022

The Monaco Esports Federation (MeSF), Monaco esports and Nicecactus have teamed up to come up with an esport event open to players from all around the world.

Gathering more than 6000 players in an 100% online event, articulated around 3 games : Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite and Rocket League. Once more, this event highlights The Rocher’s engagement and ambition in the field of esport.

“We are lucky to be a very small country, so everything goes very fast, and when you have ambitions like ours it’s a great advantage!” says Boris Fedoroff, President of the Monaco eSports Club. “The real goal for this very small country surrounded by France, is to become a European and worldwide esport capital! “

Louis Ducruet, Monaco Esport Federation President and Mike Hessabi, Nicecactus CEO
“Frédéric Zolfanelli, Host of the MGS – Louis Ducruet, Monaco eSports Federation President and Mike Hessabi, Nicecactus CEO – during the MGS 2020 Finals” 

Organized for 2 consecutive years in December by Nicecactus’ team, this international event brings together the world best players and teams of Fortnite, Rocket League and for the 2021 edition Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific.

“I am very delighted to have been able to meet up with the players again this year! With nearly 6000 amateur and professional players from all over the world, this weekend was rich in emotions and performances!” adds Mike M.Hessabi, Co-Founder and President of “It was a real pleasure to see players from all over the world trying to win! We really got to see some great action.”

3 competitions, 50 000 euros in cashprize

For the record, Warzone offered a 10 000 € cashprize, while the Rocket League and the Fortnite competitions each offered a 20 000 € cashprize. The competition finales took place on December 18th and 19th.

The live finales in Rocket league, Fortnite and Call of duty : Warzone were broadcasted one after the other throughout the whole weekend. There was more than 250,000 views for this  2021 edition, on the Monaco gaming Show twitch channel and the commentators own Twitch channels. The event reached a peak audience of 12,000 viewers during the Rocket league quarter finals with Team Vitality.

“The great thing is that we opened up the qualifiers to everyone, so everyone could participate and it allowed for some huge surprises like on Rocket League for example! That’s what’s great about this competition, amateurs can meet professionals and it makes for a great mixed event!”, says Louis Ducruet, President of the Monaco eSports Federation. “What I like about esport is that we are at the emergence of a new discipline and I like to be in the right timing! My goal is the influence of Monaco and the Monegascan people in this field.” 

Authentic way to connect your brand with digital natives

The Monaco Gaming Show was a great opportunity for major brands to set a foot in the gaming universe and create experiences with digital natives. Among the brands that participated in the Monaco Gaming Show were Magnum, Intel, and Activision.

Gamers want brands to be authentic and fun. Nicecactus offers to brands the opportunity to actively engage with the Digital Native generation in an authentic manner.

The 2021 Edition of the Monaco Gaming Show, was once again a key reference in December’s Gaming activities, bringing top brands, influencers and gamers all together around a unique event to conclude the year.

Being in the first line to write Monaco Esport history, this is the promesses the Monaco Esports Federation and Nicecactus offer to their partners.

Moving forward to 2022, we are already planning on building a greater event, and building the epic story of the Monaco Gaming Show.

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