2021: A challenging but exciting year!

by | Mar 9, 2022

Digital Natives have always been a key target for brands but it has become a true challenge to reach and to engage this audience in an effective way.

2021 has drawn to a close, and this year marked the entrance of many new brands in the gaming culture in order to better reach digital natives around the world.

Worldwide strategic partners

McDonald’s, PepsiCo (Rockstar, Pepsi), AJE Group (Volt Energy), Crédit Agricole, Cdiscount and many others joined the dance and adopted Nicecactus unique vision of brand-centric experiences for consumers, tailor-made to best match the brand needs, assets and audience.

Nicecactus helps the E-Danone Nation Cup to get the official endorsement by the gaming publisher Psyonix (San Diego based) to develop and organize 8 successful regional tournaments (19+ countries, 8 languages, 5 continents).

Nicecactus advised the Volt Energy Drink global team based on their marketing KPIs and budget to optimize the ROI of their gaming strategy. More than 200M impressions targeted towards digital natives of 10 LATAM countries.

Europe, Middle East, LATAM, South East Asia, Africa, Nicecactus developed on a global scale, both on our daily operations & competitions but also with our amazing business partners.

Let’s look ahead

We are now heading into 2022, with bright skies ahead to develop our partnerships further and become the home of many new brands wanting to reach the Digital Natives with an innovative and authentic approach.

With Nicecactus solutions, brands are now at the center of the gaming experience – and this not passively through just displaying their brand, but rather very actively in creating an interactive experience for their target: Gen Y & Z. Brand can fully control their timeline and messaging and can easily leverage all their assets during a campaign.

So do not hesitate, reach us now and adopt the Play Media 3.0!

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